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MASSMOTION: partnership in safety and optimization of spaces

With MASSMOTION, you have the quality of the best pedestrian simulator, providing fundamental and in-depth information for your planning decisions.


MASSMOTION is an advanced crowd simulation software using high-volume people traffic data mathematical modeling technology developed by Arup, one of the largest engineering companies in the world.

It is intended to provide state-of-the-art technology to designers, operators and owners, with clear information on crowding, space usage patterns and occupant safety in a specific facility.

MASSMOTION is an standalone agent system that predicts how people will interact with the built environment.

As an example, at a busy train station, MASSMOTION allows to simulate, based on modeled data, the movement of pedestrians, quantitatively by steps, the interaction of people with each other and with physical obstacles that are placed in the environment.

A striking feature of the software is that it simulates the movement of people, incorporating individual characteristics (age, gender and physical conditions) and giving them typical behaviors – anxiety level, habit of using space, and movement in relation to other people.

All these assignments and analyzes are, therefore, made specifically for each situation and always referring to a defined space and considering the objectives related to the movement of people – boarding, access to events, public gatherings, etc.

With this mathematically modeled dataset, it is possible to define:

As we can see, the system allows a space to be completely mapped from the point of view of occupation and movement of people in stressful situations (crowding).

Simulation models (or Digital Twins) are used to analyze scenarios and decision implications in a digital world, without the need to test them in the real world. 

Thus, it is possible to define all the necessary resources, detect and mitigate risks and leverage opportunities based on tests and validations.

With MASSMOTION, you have the quality of the best pedestrian simulator, providing fundamental and in-depth information for your planning decisions.

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MASSMOTION is the next generation of advanced pedestrian simulation and crowd analysis software, being a powerful design and communication tool for a wide range of planning, architectural and engineering applications.

It is the ideal solution for analysis related to the movements of large audiences. See the sectors of activity where Paragon and MASSMOTION operate successfully.



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Still not sure which MASSMOTION version is best for your business? Compare the features below:

Massmotion VERSION

MassMotion is an advanced crowd simulation software that uses crowd modeling technology to provide leading-edge technology to designers, operators and owners.

With clear information about crowding, usage patterns and occupant safety in a facility, this version offers the possibility of simulating the smartest pedestrians in an accurate BIM-compatible 3D model.


Flow brings the power and speed of MassMotion to a broader market. 

This version addresses the needs of planners, designers, engineers and architects who need to quickly model environments to get feedback on pedestrian interaction and behavior in several different scenarios.

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