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Railways: Discover the Paragon partnership

The Railroad industry will become increasingly relevant and strategic, due to the needs of the Brazilian economy to opt for a more financially feasible mode of transport.

Rail transport has important benefits:

The metro-rail segment with subways and trams will grow in the coming years to meet the demand for alternatives to buses and cars in large and medium-sized cities.

As we can see, growth expectations are very promising. But how to manage them and foresee an efficient and profitable operating model in an industry with high investments, specific equipment and long-term planning? 

The answer lies in data intelligence.

With mathematical modeling and scenario simulation tools, you can define optimal investments and management long before you put capital on the table. 

Do you know these solutions that make the railway operation reach a higher level of quality in its processes?

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Challenges in the rail industry

How we solve your problem

The PARAGON team is formed by experts in decision-making tools. Said tools include statistical, modeling, management and data visualization software and methodologies. We use the most modern state of the art ou latest simulation, optimization, scheduling and data visualization technologies. Our main goal is to offer security for decision making, presenting results and simple alternatives for complex problems that help reaching the productivity and profitability targets through cost reduction and investment optimization.

Investment planning in the railway industry

Technological innovations, new concessions and more demanding clients with increasingly tight logistics and management of structures and equipment for decades of useful life; this is the complexity we know from the rail and metro-rail industries.

An ecosystem of metro-railway logistics requires highly complex structures, large physical spaces, high value-added equipment, with emphasis on the rolling stock, which is the component with the greatest wear and tear and which requires a long-term schedule for acquisitions and receipts.

In addition, there are operational and service specifications for the cargo and passenger transport.

Defining efficiency, profitability and safety goals – a crucial factor in the railway operation – is a great challenge for business managers. 

The amounts involved are superlative, but the risks lie in the details and could represent a loss of millions of reais.

Thus, establishing an expansion or resizing project for the operation with all these variables, in addition to the countless legal and internal requirements of each area, is a job that can take months or years of study.

Strategic planning in the railway industry

Many companies in the metro-railway industry, faced with such complexity and the urgency of producing and meeting targets, decide on one of the possibilities to plan strategically:

If planning is based on traditional solutions for gathering data, which are often just a part of what is really needed to make the best decisions, the result will be far below the goals.

There are many variables that need interrelational analysis tools, considering the impacts of one variable on the others. The topics below are just a few of them.

Small adjustments in the schedule or in the number of trains available, for example, are necessary due to the variation in demand, the need to stop a train for maintenance and several other factors.

Expansion or resizing projects can be risky to carry out. Reduce the risk of excessive expenses and delays with the best upfront planning, using data science and design architectures tested by over 1,000 PARAGON clients since 1992.

Asset and equipment management in the railway industry

Few activities have an asset management complexity at the rail industry level. These are equipment with high added value, mostly imported and having the longest working life on the market.

The maintenance of this machinery requires long-term planning, with very accurate intervention strategies, especially with the rolling stock, the main component for the operation of the trains.

Solutions with data intelligence, mapping a large volume of information, allow you to build maintenance plans with high management precision and with broad chances of success in your daily routine.

A digital twin (simulation) is essential to view all the alternatives from the widest possible mass of data and test the implementation of strategies and projects, which will be used for decades.

Railways: Paragon Clients

Expansion or resizing projects can be risky to implement. Reduce the risk of excessive expenses and delays with the best upfront planning, using data science and design architectures tested by over 1,000 PARAGON customers since 1992.

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