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The world is increasingly fast and competitive. Process simulation is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0 and Arena Software offers a fast and intuitive learning curve for your students to view productive processes, test probabilities and make decisions to optimize operations.

Happy is the one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches. (Cora Coralina, writer)

Arena® at the Academy

PARAGON fulfills a mission that we deem valuable: provide our clients from the most varied sectors of activity with the most advanced technological tools and methodologies to generate projects with:

We are aware of our importance to the Brazilian economy and society when we see some of the largest Brazilian companies building the future in a safer and more assertive manner because they chose to partner with PARAGON.

For this reason, we offer the Academic Arena Package for universities in Brazil and Latin American countries. This is an opportunity for large academic centers to bring a greater qualification to their students – and in tune with the new times!

After all, competitiveness is high – in quantity and quality – and this is also reflected in the training of professionals who will lead high-impact projects.

Get to know Arena®

Process simulation is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0 and ARENA software offers a fast and intuitive learning curve for students to view productive processes, test probabilities and make decisions to optimize operations.

ARENA from Rockwell Automation has been used worldwide for decades and is currently the leading simulation software. The numbers leave no doubts!

Present in over 150 countries
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More than 400,000 active users
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It is adopted by over 900 higher education institutions around the world
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It has the largest global network of partners supported on every continent
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Of the 10 best Production Engineering courses in Brazil, 6 use ARENA
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However, we understand that our positive performance can go much further, that the knowledge that benefits our clients must be shared to multiply the virtuous effect of the cutting-edge solutions we adopt.

Do you want to know why ARENA achieved worldwide recognition?
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Discover the Academic Arena® Package

PARAGON offers the Academic Arena Package for your educational institution to qualify your future graduates in the use of the world’s leading mathematical modeling and scenario simulation system. 

And how it works?

1 – The institution will receive the most current version of ARENA with 30 concurrent users and all features equivalent to those of Arena Professional, including all available building blocks and add-ons, the same ones used in the most renowned companies in the market;

2- Teachers will receive complete didactic material with templates, examples and exercises to apply in their classes;

3- Your students will have access to the Student version of the software to study at home.

With the Academic Arena Package, PARAGON provides a unique opportunity to learn this tool that has become essential for performing high-level mathematical data modeling and data simulation.

Arena® Training For Teachers

There is no doubt that professors are the main actors in the quality of knowledge and one of the challenges for universities is to keep them up to date. 

PARAGON is particularly concerned that education professionals have every opportunity to fully understand ARENA and feel secure about the content to support the classes and the system’s resources.

With the Academic Package, PARAGON helps the university in the training of professores with the Fundamentals training.

It is taught in regular classes, in person or online.

This is another benefit specially designed to qualify the most important people in the entire learning process!

Arena® Presence in Universities

PARAGON has the largest support base for educational institutions in Latin America. 

There are over 10,000 academic licenses, from leading universities and educational groups, which guarantee more than 50,000 students learning to make decisions with ARENA every year.

As we can see, it is the union of a high-tech tool with a support committed to the best performance in teaching and in the use of professionals and students!

Arena® Bibliography

ARENA has the largest bibliography available in the world market, with over 100 books published in several languages. In addition to more than 100,000 articles and publications in the main congresses and periodicals in the world. We recommend the book:

Introdução à Modelagem e Simulação de Sistemas – Paulo José de Freitas Filho

Publishing company: Visual Books

ISBN: 9788575022283

Year: 2008

Arena® and University Events

University events are an excellent opportunity to transfer know-how and for students and teachers to have contact with ARENA and our simulation experts.

Invite PARAGON to give short courses and lectures at events at your university! 

Our long experience in events proves that they are great opportunities for people to know the system without the responsibility of formal learning and creating a favorable environment to clarify the first doubts.

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Do you want to enrich your university’s curriculum, adding an essential tool for the future success of students with the most complex projects?

Do you want to associate your institution with teaching the world’s largest data and scenario modeling and simulation solution?

PARAGON can be your ally!

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