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Paragon and Students: The Chance to Enrich Your Resume

Simulation tools are increasingly used by professionals from different industries to streamline investments and seek the best solutions for major issues and projects.

The joy we have in thinking and learning makes us think and learn even more. (Aristotle, philosopher)

What is Scenario Simulation?

When we talk about Scenario Simulation (operations and/or processes), we can translate it into a study of the behavior of hypothetical work systems through the exercise of models on a real scenario.

For this, mathematical techniques, intelligence and data modeling using through software and methodologies are used to imitate the actual performance of an operation, process or chain of processes, with different levels of complexity.

Based on this simulation, it is possible to apply exercises with different operating conditions to arrive at a future scenario that allows reaching a goal proposed by the company.

Furthermore, modeling and simulation can also be applied as:

As we have seen, Environment Simulation can be applied, from a strategic point of view, to:

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Paragon training

PARAGON has a great mission: provide companies around the world with intelligence and technology solutions that provide them with the best conditions to assess the most complex investment scenarios and make decisions as assertively as possible.

With a team of consultants with high academic background and mastering cutting-edge software for data modeling and environment simulation. Professionals like you, who are preparing or looking for new spaces in the market.

PARAGON offers specialization courses in the most advanced simulation tools, such as ARENA® [link para 001-025] for students and graduates at different levels.

In our trainings, students will develop and expand their skills to solve daily problems and make more assertive decisions using simulation principles.

We encourage the pursuit of knowledge and offer a special discount for students enrolled in educational institutions.

This is your opportunity to gain knowledge, which is an important differential to face market opportunities and grow your career with a level of quality that will surprise everyone!


Arena® Paragon Training

ARENA is the most used discrete simulation system in the world and recognized as the solution for projects that handle large amounts of data and simulations with a high level of detail and several factors and scenarios:

Its model is based on flowchart modeling, without using any programming, which is essential for its ease of use and agility in producing results. It can be used on projects of all levels of complexity.

We offer three courses, depending on the level of knowledge and depth of topics. You can focus on the content that will suit you and make your study schedule!

Do you want to know more details about ARENA Training? Click here and check!

Download Our Trial Versions and Discover our Software

PARAGON offers a Trial version of the ARENA software, free of charge and with no commitment to purchase or subscribe in the future.

Our goal is to present the quality of these tools and prove that investing in them is a unique opportunity for career growth! 

University Events: Make the Community Know Arena!

PARAGON is a pioneer and represents  the most advanced technological and methodological innovations for mathematical modelling, simulations and analysis of large volumes of data.

Scenario Simulation Software

Advanced Analytics

Digital Twin

Big Data

We want to multiply our knowledge and have applied for decades with great success to clients all over the world.

PARAGON offers the largest support base for educational institutions in Latin America, in the main universities and educational groups. Over 50,000 students learn ARENA every year.

These are tools increasingly sought by institutions to train professionals who are better prepared for the job market. 

How about your university being part of this group? Invite PARAGON to give short courses and lectures at your university. 

University events are an excellent opportunity for transferring know-how and greater contact between students and professors with the systems and our experts. 

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How about you? Do you want to enrich your resume and take a big leap forward in the job market? Do you want to further enrich the quality of your work, generating more prominence and authority?

PARAGON can be your ally!

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