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The universality of many retail segments – hygiene and cleaning articles, food, clothing – requires an accurate and efficient operation, delivering the best performance in an industry where the expression “time is money” takes on the greatest meaning.

The Retail industry is certainly the industry most sensitive to competitiveness in the market – and where the quantity and quality of competitors grows every day. It could not be different: we are talking about the vast majority of human and social needs.

Even the niche segments in terms of audience – beverages, luxury equipment, imported items – work incessantly to improve what is one of the most complex logistics chains

Everything in the retail production chain is superlative:

Furthermore, for brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce is a heavy competitor, increasing the importance of seeking cost reduction to balance profitability and allow investment in new forms of market differentiation.

Is your retail company making highly strategic decisions based on secure and up-to-date information?

Millions of reais are at stake with major changes – and at risk if those changes are not studied to the depth they require.

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Challenges in the retail industry

How we solve your problem

The PARAGON team is formed by experts in decision-making tools. Said tools include statistical, modeling, management and data visualization software and methodologies. We use the most modern simulation, optimization, scheduling and data visualization technologies. Our main goal is to offer security for decision making, presenting results and simple alternatives for complex problems that help reaching the productivity and profitability targets through cost reduction and investment optimization.

Investing in omnichannel retail

Omnichannel is not the future of the client experience: it is already the present and making a difference in many market industries – especially in retail, where the relationship between the consumer and the brand is the strongest.

Retail companies need to give the client a feeling of uniqueness in the service and, at the same time, converge the different approaches – online and offline – that they can use for a process that:

For the success of this great retail digital transformation, it is essential that studies are carried out with the largest possible volume of modeled data to extract the maximum relevance from them in defining the best omnichannel scenario.

Event simulation plays a crucial role: from the full process mapped and designed in detail, a high-level software will allow all variations to be tested.

The virtual environment is stressed with everyday and extreme situations – peaks in demand in each channel, impacts on the supply chain, among others – and the results of this are evaluated.

PARAGON provides data science and scenario simulation solutions that allow to predict trends and risks before making decisions.

Integrated supply chain management

The retail industry has a challenging operating cycle, with several management and decision centers, and all of this needs to be in synch so that risks are mitigated and each point of sale is supplied with agility and efficiency.

The entire success of the supply and service chain will be based on the efficiency of each of these steps, which in turn will depend directly on the quality of the input and output data it delivers to the next step in the chain.

Sounds simple, but:

One of the largest difficulties for retail companies is to generate this entire universe of data and arrive at the best choices. Environments of this magnitude demand high-level technological solutions so that clear information is at the center of all analyses.

It is essential to map the processes, mathematically model large amounts of information, define a digital environment that allows simulating the different conditions and arrive at the ideal processes and input data to reach the defined goals.

PARAGON’s solutions enable discrete event modeling – representing the behavior of a complex system as a series of well-defined events, simulating what-if scenarios, and testing conditions before implementing major changes.

This represents huge savings in resources that are invested from scenarios that are not deeply evaluated.

Retail: Paragon Clients

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