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Aiming to make the most of future growth opportunities, airports need to make a better use of existing facilities and plan investments using Paragon’s digital twins technology.

The airport industry has a high strategic importance in every country in the world, even greater in Brazil due to several characteristics. The major one is undoubtedly the growing reliance that the transport of cargo and passengers has on the air modal.

The airway service has great advantages over other modes of transport, such as transport capacity, greater predictability and travel time – key factors for the trade of goods and tourism involving air travel.

On the other hand, investing in the modernization and expansion of an airport requires a great deal of capital and long term planning.

Everything needs to be calculated with high accuracy, from the dimensioning of passenger spaces in the terminals – with high-tech tools like CAST® from PARAGON – to the expansion of yard operations. 

A failure can represent millions of dollars spent unnecessarily. A high-quality study can anticipate delivery and generate savings

How to expand or modernize an airport using the best decisions? Through the structured and professional use of the large volume of data that an airport’s routines generate.

Come and see the value that the PARAGON CONSULTING will add to your decisions towards growth!

Challenges in the airport industry

How we solve your problem

The PARAGON team is formed by experts in decision-making tools. Said tools include statistical, modeling, management and data visualization software and methodologies. We use the most modern simulation, optimization, scheduling and data visualization technologies. Our main goal is to offer security for decision making, presenting results and simple alternatives for complex problems that help reaching the productivity and profitability targets through cost reduction and investment optimization.

Airports with more comfort and functionality

The volume of passengers and cargo at Brazilian airports grows every year and this will be a continuous trend, with more favorable conditions for air tourism and faster delivery of goods.

Thus, it is necessary to invest:

The amount of data required for designing solutions decision of this scale is large and it is generated from the processes, routines and systems of an airport. With that in mind, how to consolidate this data and build consistent projects with a high likelihood of success?

CAST software is designed to provide the airport planners a powerful simulation tool to be used during all planning phases. 

Most simulation tools on the market are used at later stages, when most of the design is already defined, making it difficult to quickly amend models as the layout changes.

With CAST, layout and operational changes can be modified in a short amount of time. The system also offers the option to create templates during the early planning stages, when only limited layout information is available. 

As the layout becomes clearer over the course of the project, the level of detail in the simulation model can change concurrently. 

In many cases, it will not be possible to define all the data at the beginning of the project. Conducting workshops with stakeholders highlights the requirements and importance of several data for the entire project. 

This phase not only allows for the creation of a high quality simulation model, but also facilitates the process during the subsequent planning phases. 

As stakeholders become aware of potential interdependencies and have a complete view of the model configuration, CAST simulation results are generally quickly accepted, significantly speeding up the decision-making process.

The continuous development of CAST with strong aviation industry partners ensures that new modules will further enhance the ability to model airport processes.

PARAGON works with methodologies and software that map the processes of the airport operations in great detail to present reliable sound analyses and scenario simulation that help optimizing human resources in complete safety.

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Expansion or resizing projects can be risky to implement. Reduce the risk of excessive expenses and delays with the best upfront planning, using data science and design architecture tested by over 1,000 PARAGON customers since 1992.

Do you want to bring data excellence to your project in order to make the most assertive and secure decisions about your airport operation?

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