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The maritime modal is still the option that offers the best cost, due to its large handling capacity and the emergence of larger ships – a direct consequence of the growth in trade between countries.

The Ports and Terminals industry is a critical component of the flow of raw materials and finished products around the world. 

However, the barriers to operational excellence are many: Structural complexity, variety of loads handled and even weather conditions are just a few of them, challenging efficiency.

On the other hand, investments and efficient port management are substantial. An efficient and agile model for storing and handling cargo is the differential that businesses around the world need to compete at a high level.

There is no longer any way to postpone the presence of technology and data science in port operations. Companies need to invest in solutions that virtually represent the port environment accurately, with hypothesis testing and simulation of different scenarios. 

Do you know the high-level tools that make port logistics rise to the next level?

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Challenges in the port industry

How we solve your problem

The PARAGON team is formed by experts in decision-making tools. Said tools include statistical, modeling, management and data visualization software and methodologies. We use the most modern simulation, optimization, scheduling and data visualization technologies. Our main goal is to offer security for decision making, presenting results and simple alternatives for complex problems that help reaching the productivity and profitability targets through cost reduction and investment optimization.

Search for further port efficiency

A port ecosystem is one of the most complex and challenging and requires a permanent look at the countless variables that will impact performance. 

In a port structure, it is essential to obtain maximum predictability to convey confidence to clients, who need to embark and disembark with the least amount of delays, queues and unnecessary storage.

How to address so many issues, be efficient and get great results? Through cutting edge technology with data science.

Mathematical data modeling and discrete event simulation solutions are the most advanced and effective features to transform port management.

With them, PARAGON provides high quality mapping and analysis of projects of the most varied types – construction, expansion, scaling – using world-renowned software and methodologies.

New management technologies are already a reality in the port industry

The port industry has been realizing the strategic importance of using digital tools for analysis and decision-making for some years, based on mathematical data modeling and simulation environments (the digital twins).

Container, oil and mineral export terminals already use these solutions to map the most intricate operations in the market and where failures, however small, are capable of causing millions of losses and major damage to the image.

For example, data science software can generate calculations and prediction of dynamic draft, seabed siltation and erosion, weather forecasts of sea, rain and wind, sharing the data with all areas involved.

Port of Açu and Santos Brasil are some examples of PARAGON partnerships to adopt discrete event simulation, which allows users to analyze the behavior of a process or system over time. 

One of the most complex navigation systems in the world, the Panama Canal used PARAGON software in a major and successful goal: build the third set of locks to serve larger vessels.

Discover PARAGON’s success story with the Panama Canal

You can develop a project for the implementation or expansion of port logistics using data modeling from different areas within the structure.

Data is consolidated and numerous information matchings are made to generate the digital twin – a virtual environment that allows simulating different possible situations. 

In this way, port management will detect and assess risks and opportunities and will decide on the context with the greatest potential to deliver the expected results.

The possibility of using the digital twin brings more security to the decision to contribute material, human and technological resources with greater financial security.

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New projects and updates can be risky to carry out. Reduce the risk of excessive expenses and delays with the best upfront planning, and project design and architectures tested by over 1,000 Paragon clients since 1992.

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