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Paragon: your best ally on decision making and business success

PARAGON is a consulting firm specialized in decision making, using the most modern analytics, scenario simulation and mathematical modeling tools.

Over its decades of existence, PARAGON built a trajectory of great success and achievements relevant to its segment. Some highlights currently include:

In 2013, PARAGON was chosen by Endeavor among the 60 Brazilian companies with the greatest growth potential and innovation capacity, and was the winner of the “Sou Empreendedor – Meu Sonho Move o Brasil” [I am an Entrepreneur – My Dream Moves Brazil] (popular vote) by Exame PME Magazine.

But the highest award we are winning for each project over decades of work and commitment is the great recognition of clients, business partners, the specialized media and the academic world.

Our history was built with great dedication and total focus on the use of state-of-the-art technology and mathematical thinking to foster the growth of companies and societies.

Founded in 1992 and with a solid experience in the Brazilian and international markets, we are a pioneer company in the use of:





We work with innovative and high-quality software for the mathematical modeling of all processes related to the project and deliver results exclusively focused on the assumptions and goals defined with the client.

What We Do

It can be an industrial plant for manufacturing and exporting shoes or a logistic distribution center in a new region. 

It can be the Panama Canal expansion [link para 001-018] project – and, yes, PARAGON was present in this challenge! 

But what is there in common between these and other high complex and investment projects? 

The huge mass of data and information used to produce numerous views that will allow you to assess the project from all points of view – infrastructure, human resources, materials, technologies and processes.

Our value offer to clients comprises:

Paragon Projects: A Work of Ongoing Partnership

The work is performed at four hands – the client and PARAGON – so that no information is ignored – and that can make a significant difference in the time or cost of investment.

To PARAGON, the strategic partnership is a core value, where all the work is sustained, carried out in the long term and aiming to:

Paragon Projects: Human Capital of Excellence

The main concern for PARAGON is the quality of your team of consultants. The investment in technology is differentiated, but we know that human performance is the key of success:

Aiming to guarantee that our clients areas of operation are served in the best way possible, we invest in professionals with sound Engineering background and Business experience, in the most diverse economic segments, such as Oil and Gas, Steel, Logistics, among others.

In this way, knowledge of macroeconomic environments and market characteristics allow for a greater understanding of the project’s characteristics and needs, offering a broader view of opportunities and risks and enhancing the chances of success.

The PARAGON professional is also an expert in scenario simulation and in the use of all the technologies we adopt, defining which ones are the best in each situation.

Paragon Projects: Knowledge Transmission

We offer clients the transfer of knowledge regarding the analysis tools, with:

Throughout its existence, PARAGON has already trained over 4,000 client’s professionals in our modern training center, the only one in Latin America with training in data modeling and scenario simulation software.

Furthermore, we are the exclusive software distributor on the continent.

Our concern for qualification and transparency in knowledge sharing translate into our clients’ trust.

Paragon Projects: Qualification of Future Professionals

PARAGON knows that it needs to continually investing in the generation of engineers engaged with the best practices and tools available, generating positive results for companies and people.

Paragon team

Meet the people who make our clients’ achievements possible.

Luiz Augusto Franzese


Marcelo Moretti Fioroni

P&D Director

Erica Carvalho Müzel


Gustavo Dezem Telles

Customer Success Manager

Caio Eduardo Zanin

Modeling Manager

Manoel Capistrano

Project Manager

Isac Santana

Consultant Simulation Specialist

Do you want to take your project to data excellence to make the most assertive and secure decisions?

PARAGON can be your ally in the growth of your business.

Please, send us a message and a specialized consultant will contact you to know your goals and show our partnership that adds value!