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A Decision Making Advisory is fundamental to add quality and a high degree of assertiveness to decisions that completely change the history of companies – and which will often also impact the society around them.

Opening or modernizing a plant, increasing the production capacity of an industry or improving the efficiency of the supply chain are good examples of projects that require highly complex studies and work.

Moreover, the project success necessarily involves using new technologies, both in the study phase, in order to generate safe and measurable data and indicators, and in operation, supporting people and processes to achieve maximum compliance with the objectives.

However, developing all the steps of a project together with the client company’s internal team is not something simple, especially when some methodologies are not part of the employees’ reality.

A specialized consulting firm such as PARAGON will make all the difference in the effectiveness of the final solution, in the safe implementation and in the best practices of time, financial resources and human capital management.

Paragon Consulting: excellence in human capital

PARAGON relies on a team of consultants with sound experience and knowledge in the Brazilian and international markets. 

These are professionals who have already worked, led and developed projects in several industry segments – mining, port operations, steelworks, among others. Said experience is essential to understand the company’s demands and objectives more assertively.

Specific knowledge of each sector enables a faster understanding and assessment of the clients needs.

Paragon Consulting: WhY it is essential

The following factors directly compromise the progress, communication and, ultimately, the quality of the project.

Get to know how PARAGON CONSULTING will make your decisions more successful!

Paragon Consulting: What We Do

PARAGON is a pioneer and represents  the most advanced technological and methodological innovations for mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis of large volumes of data, supporting highly complex decisions.


Advanced Analytics




Large business investments no longer go through simple spreadsheets and methodologies for process mapping and project management; it is necessary to scale cutting-edge solutions for data analysis and scenario simulation.

Consulting: How we do it

PARAGON bases its work on two fundamental pillars: high-end technology to generate high quality data, and the study and analysis of systems where decision making must be backed by a chain of events, in which we adopt the best practices.

We divided the projects into three large steps:

Step 1 – Scenario Understanding (AS IS)

In this phase, all aspects that influence the project´s creation and development will be assessed, in addition to listing the internal and external agents that act as stakeholders.

The purpose is to define realistically how your system (your company’s operations) works, as all the following steps depend on the client’s current scenario.

Step 2 – Scenario Construction (TO BE)

Now is the time to apply the methodologies and tools to create advanced models that will represent your digital twin and allow different scenario analysis.

Step 3 – Modeling and Simulation (TO BE)

Here the PARAGON consultant, in partnership with your company and other resources we put at his or her disposal, will generate virtual results that will support real decision-making.

Paragon Consulting: How We Do It

Since 1992, Paragon has been working intensively on the most varied types of projects, always attentive to something essential to serve better: knowing the culture of each client.

This allows us to take an individualized look at each company. It becomes distinct even when we talk about highly regulated industries such as the Banking  or Food industry.

We work with two forms of consultancy:

For example, in the initial phases of large capital projects, it is very common that clients do not need software, source code or deep knowledge about a specific problem. The main objective is to have a result, a conclusive report for decision making. 

In other demands, results remain the focus, but at the same time it is necessary to qualify the client’s professionals to continue their studies and improve their knowledge within the company itself.

This is done through transfer of know-how.

It is common for clients to, even having a clear vision of the specific demand for a project, not have the real dimension of the project’s scope. 

Aiming to prevent discontinuity and some risks with new studies without the internal knowledge to conduct them, said clients hire consultant hours to eventually use them in the future. They are available for use as needed and according to the interest.

With that, PARAGON can serve all its clients in a way that projects will be productive during their implementation, effective with the decisions made and use the latest technology together with training of employees and technical support.

Paragon Consulting: What We Deliver

Paragon Consulting: Methodology

Our main goal and one of the pillars of our success in our projects is to combine the scientific work of our team and the strong interaction with clients with in-depth knowledge of their operations, needs and risks.

Thus, we develop joint analyses and generate the most accurate results. All this is carried out to allow for the safest decision.

For all projects, we:

Therefore, the model is developed in several sprints (basic development unit). Sprints tend to last from a week to a month, and are checked individually.

The ultimate goal of each sprint is to deliver a working model of a part of the process. Thus, the client can test operation, input data formats, interaction with other sprints and results.


Paragon Consulting: Differentials

We bring together the three fundamental items for a company´s leap in growth:

High-tech data modeling and simulation

Qualified and experienced professionals

Commitment to your results

Do you want to bring data excellence to your project in order to make the most assertive and secure decisions?

PARAGON can be your ally!

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