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Energy and Utilities companies, which inherit an image of public companies that are extremely inefficient in delivering products and services to clients, need to respond quickly to the largest consumer groups and maintain their revenues.

The Utilities industry, basically made up of energy, gas and water distribution companies, is the operational support base for companies in all other segments.

They live a paradox: these are the companies with the largest consumer audiences at their disposal – many completely dominate the regional market – and they are also the most impacted by the deep and constant social and economic transformations of this audience. 

From the profile of internet consumption in homes to increasingly digital companies, with the growth of the civil construction market, demanding an increasingly efficient infrastructure, everything goes through the drawing boards of utilities and energy companies.

In addition to a more demanding consumer market that needs quick solutions, it is necessary to address the most critical factors:

The risks to the company’s image as a result of the above items are great and always very present in everyday life. Modernizing the organization for a world that demands speed and sustainability is the great challenge for utility companies

Technology plays a key role in said planning, which is long-term and has a series of essential input data.

Do you know the solutions that make the operation of utilities reach a higher level of quality in their processes?

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Challenges in the utilities industry

How we solve your problem

The PARAGON team is formed by experts in decision-making tools. Said tools include statistical, modeling, management and data visualization software and methodologies. We use the most modern simulation, optimization, scheduling and data visualization technologies. Our main goal is to offer security for decision making, presenting results and simple alternatives for complex problems that help reaching the productivity and profitability targets through cost reduction and investment optimization.

Digitization and data intelligence in client relationships

In the utilities industry, where total availability for millions of clients is essential, service is also superlative and a critical factor.

The virtualization of client relationships is more than a desire to be online; it is a requirement for companies that want to gain large-scale efficiencies and substantial cost savings.

For this purpose, digital operations should not be limited to serving clients well – despite always being the main objective; this relationship with large consumers generates a mass of precious data to plan important changes:

All energy and utility companies maintain a level of digitalization in their service, but there is a considerable loss in the use of this relationship due to the lack of clarity regarding the positive impacts and risks.

Furthermore, there are two major barriers:

Mathematical data modeling, combined with scenario simulation, is the ideal solution for transforming large amounts of data with rich information into a decision-making basis for service improvement and cost reduction projects.

PARAGON provides data science solutions and data visualization tools (dashboards), allowing to evaluate scenarios before implementing decisions – which can cost tens or hundreds of millions.

Investment planning

Utilities and energy operations are extremely complex and live in a highly-regulated environment, complying with various legal and contractual requirements with the government – with the risk of millions in fines for noncompliance.

To deliver quality services, they demand high-cost, long-lasting equipment and strict maintenance plans – and they still need to address climatic and relief conditions, as well as environmental issues.

Another important challenge in a utilities operation is to constantly qualify and equip field teams (field service) to obtain the best performance in less time.

Mistakes in the scaling of an operation or in the equipment renewal policy can mean years of bad results until the financial return happens and, mainly, large financial losses in processes due to non-compliances or losses to consumers.

How to operate safely and productively, mitigating risks as much as possible, using so much fragmented information throughout the operational cycle?

Simulation tools can help companies analyze potential changes and imminent risks in their operations, translating large volumes of data into indicators, results and trends for strategic decisions.

PARAGON’s solutions enable discrete event modeling – representing the behavior of a complex system as a series of well-defined events, simulating what-if scenarios, and testing conditions before implementing major changes.

Utilities: Paragon Clients

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