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OPENTRACK: your operation on the best tracks and growing

We know that the railway operation is one of the most complex in the world and plays a fundamental role in the economy of nations. OPENTRACK it is the solution that offers numerous advantages for assertive and lower cost strategic decisions.


OPENTRACK is one of the major worldwide tools in the application of specialized technology for the railway operation planning through a unique feature: the gait simulator.

The software, which is exclusively represented in Latin America by Paragon, was developed in Switzerland by the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems (IVT) at ETH Zurich.

OPENTRACK is recommended for management, sizing studies, restructuring, expansion and problem solving in passenger and cargo handling companies in the most diverse rail transport modes.

The full software dynamics is supported by three pillars:

We can see that no financial, technological and human resource investments have been effectively made so far. Thus, it is possible to intensely study the possibilities, risks and gains so that the costing of the solution is as assertive as possible.

The calculation process made with the input data to arrive at the simulated scenarios is based on the movement of some predefined trains on a defined railway line where the times established at the beginning are respected.

Movements arising from train circulation are calculated, reproducing the behavior of security facilities.

The train circulating can be made of different compositions, more than one locomotive and as many connected cars, trailers or wagons as needed.

Rolling stock is defined by traction effort, speed diagrams, weight, length and other data. The application of OPENTRACK is recommended for:

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And how it can provide important details of your rail planning.

Successful segments with OPENTRACK

At first, we can imagine OPENTRACK being applied only in markets where rail operations are basic operations, such as cargo and passenger transport companies.

However, the applicability of the software can be much greater; in rail systems at airports and mining companies and in large retail and logistics companies.

See some of the sectors of activity where Paragon and OPENTRACK operate successfully.




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As we can see, there is great diversity for rail operations as core resources for the productivity of several sectors.

This demonstrates the flexibility of OPENTRACK to establish the best parameters and help in choosing the scenario that will yield the best results.

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Still not sure which OPENTRACK version is best for your business? Compare the features below:

Opentrack Full Version:

with unlimited number of trains per simulation

Opentrack Light Version:

limited to two (2) trains per simulation

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You will find courses, exercises, books and videos and other resources at PARAGON Academy to improve your knowledge of the most modern analytics, scenario simulation and mathematical modeling tools.

PARAGON brings you the opportunity to master OPENTRACK, one of the largest software in the world when it comes to the application of specialized technology in the planning of railway operations.

Frequently Asked Questions about OPENTRACK

Windows versions are available.

Through the email [email protected]. Try to provide your OPENTRACK version, your license serial number and, if possible, screenshots showing the error, as well as descriptions of the problem.

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