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SCENARIO NAVIGATOR:security with company’s scenarios

How to view so many variables involved in projects such as the review of the logistics cycle of customer service, a large-scale procurement process, among others, to make safe decisions and generate measurable results in the future?


SCENARIO NAVIGATOR, represented exclusively in Latin America by Paragon, is a platform allied to Advanced Analytics that aims to support strategic decisions in the deployment of complex models.

Simulation models or digital twins are used to analyze scenarios and decision implications in virtual environments with all elements and before deployment in the real environment. 

Thus, it is possible to view the entire process and correct it while there is no risk of effective loss.

The software allows management experts to control the input and output data in a system or process and, based on the evaluation of the behavior of all related internal and external factors, reach optimization decisions.

Develop and manage large deployments and process changes in the company is a challenge directly proportional to the complexity of the business and expansion plans.

Growth is expected, but it requires great care, including total visibility of results, placing the areas involved on the same page, so that the defined actions are performed homogeneously.

The main problems are:

SCENARIO NAVIGATOR is the best tool on the market to offer full visibility of projects, processes and element behavior in a secure and comprehensive manner.

There are many difficulties to share project results within companies

Successful segments with SCENARIO NAVIGATOR

SCENARIO NAVIGATOR is used successfully in large projects in the most varied market segments, with realities, long-term goals, measurements and complexities completely different from each other.

This versatility makes the software:

Be the pioneer dashboard in the world

Be present in over 50 countries

Be present on all continents

Paragon is the exclusive representative in Latin America

The foundation of SCENARIO NAVIGATOR is the generation of mathematical modeling and scenario simulation for mapping and deploying large processes in general.

This allows all types of business and related projects to be considered in the software, without losing overall understanding of the project and thorough analysis of the process chains.

See some of the sectors of activity where Paragon and SCENARIO NAVIGATOR operate successfully.


Food and Beverage



Call Centers



Financial Services





Pulp & Paper




As we can see, these are markets with different production dynamics and expectations of different results from the final trade, such as the food industries, to the support of operations such as logistics and port activities.

You will surely find all the necessary requirements to model the company’s data, generate simulated scenarios and fully support the construction of processes throughout the company in SCENARIO NAVIGATOR.

SCENARIO NAVIGATOR’s worldwide numbers

O dashboard pioneiro no mundo
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These are some of the companies that have been successful with SCENARIO NAVIGATOR

Get to know SCENARIO NAVIGATOR at the PARAGON Academy

You will find courses, exercises, books and videos and other resources at PARAGON Academy to improve your knowledge of the most modern analytics, scenario simulation and mathematical modeling tools.

PARAGON gives you the opportunity to master SCENARIO NAVIGATOR, a high-tech solution for highly complex studies and planning in companies of all sizes and segments.

Frequently Asked Questions about SCENARIO NAVIGATOR

SCENARIO NAVIGATOR works on the Windows platform and can be used on several web platforms, such as cell phones, tablets, etc.

Through an API, you can connect your optimization and simulation models and run them together via the web.

SCENARIO NAVIGATOR is compatible with Arena and Simio.

Through the email [email protected]. Try to provide your SCENARIO NAVIGATOR version, your license serial number and, if possible, screenshots showing the error, as well as descriptions of the problem.

SCENARIO NAVIGATOR is the best alternative for your project to take the big leap in quality!

Our team is ready to present this tool and show how it can be useful in your operations.

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