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SIMIO: simulate and define the best business decisions

Millions of business decisions are made every day. Better investments and growth projects can create new horizons for business productivity and profitability.


SIMIO  Simulation And Scheduling – of which Paragon is the exclusive representative in Latin America  – is the most advanced and innovative software in the world for chain simulation and process scheduling to support strategic decision making.

With it, you can develop digital twins, virtual environments created based on all constraints, processes and assumptions to faithfully mirror possible real-life scenarios.

This allows a company to analyze every aspect of operation and productivity, make adjustments, tests and validate the ideal operation environment for the achievement of the company´s goals without prior capital, technology and people investment.

With it, it is possible:

The 3D smart objects of SIMIOSimulation Modeling Based On Intelligent Objects – faithfully represent the logic and functioning of your working environment, from an operator to a fleet of trucks to a manufacturing cell.

It has a large amount of 3D objects cataloged in Google Warehouse and allows the creation of new ones.

With this, the model obtains the greatest possible fidelity to the reality of the company’s business and the system being studied.

SIMIO allows the company to simulate all possible scenarios within a system, analyze the risks and benefits of each one and decide on a model that best meets the objectives.

Spend your time solving problems and not programming

Successful segments with SIMIO

Another feature, inherent to the philosophy in creating the software, is the versatility to use it with great results in projects of the most diverse segments.

The base of operation of SIMIO does not relate to unique objects and processes; it allows a company in the Food industry looking for logistics expansion to use the software with the same efficiency as a Steel company in the search for optimizing industrial processes.

See some of the sectors in which Paragon and SIMIO operate successfully.

As we can see, there is a great diversity of contexts and dynamics, from traditional plants, such as mining companies to where human capital is the main resource, such as call centers and operations based mainly on processes, such as logistics.

This demonstrates the flexibility that SIMIO provides to work with completely different variables, environments, processes and performance targets, delivering effective results as the most suitable scenario for your company’s operations.


Food and Beverage

Warehousing and Transportation


Call Center



Financial Services




Pulp & Paper





SIMIO’s worldwide numbers

years in the market, from the same creators of ARENA software
Presence in 28 countries
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SIMIO is a tool that optimizes your company’s time, efforts and, above all, investments, avoiding losses and negative results arising from the misuse of material, technological and human resources.

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What are the advantages of SIMIO

In addition to the safety and efficiency in building virtual scenarios to support your investment decision, SIMIO also delivers a key feature for companies today: the functionality.

The software is the only one available on the market that bases the construction of scenarios on the object-oriented interface.

What is object-oriented programming?

It is an alternative to structured programming, which is used in developing the vast majority of applications. 

Object orientation brings together the structures of a program and the handling of objects in the real world, allowing:

With its characteristics, SIMIO works with the most important functionalities for the digital scenario simulation market and for the support of major strategic decisions.

Compare Simio editions

Still not sure which version of Simio is best for your business?
Compare the features below:


Personal edition

Design edition

Professional edition

advanced 3d modeling/animation with built-in interface to the expansive trimble warehouse graphics library

rapid modeling of complex workflows using the standard object library

advanced material handling including accumulating/fixed conveyors and on-demand/fixed route vehicles

flexible resource modeling including moveable workers, dynamic selection rules, reliability, costing and flexible work schedules

comprehensive modeling of materials and supply chains

user-defined relational data table for interfacing to enterprise data

support for 3rd party add-ins such as optimization (optquest)

advanced experimentation, analysis and reporting features for defining scenarios and interpreting results

view custom dashboard results created by others

share the software between multiple users via a floating licence (option)

graphically create processes for unlimited modeling of complex modelig situations

combine objects and processes within a model to customize object behavior

create and use custom object libraries for specific application areas

serve as full runtime software for models created in team or professional edition

unlimited model size (limited only by your computer resources)

create models for use with interactive runtime using the free simio personal edition

create custom dashboard and table reports for others to use

distribute scenarios and replications across other computers in your workgroup

basic resource and entity gantt charts to help understand and validate your model

add states to tables to allow updates during run

output tables collect results withint the model

Compare SIMIO’s editions

Still not sure which SIMIO version is best for your business? Compare the features below:

These are some of the companies that have been successful with SIMIO

Some companies that relied on SIMIO to make decisions.

Get to know SIMIO at the PARAGON Academy

You will find courses, exercises, books, videos and other resources at PARAGON Academy to improve your knowledge of the most modern analytics, scenario simulation and mathematical modeling tools.

PARAGON brings you the opportunity to master SIMIO, an innovative solution for simulating and modeling processes at all levels of projects, without the need for programming knowledge and with 3D representation.
This course is aimed at those who have already gone through the Fundamentals Course and want to know more advanced techniques that can be used in SIMIO, as it is intended to deepen knowledge of all functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about SIMIO

SIMIO software must be compatible with Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

Through the email [email protected]. Try to provide your SIMIO version, your license serial number and, if possible, screenshots showing the error, as well as descriptions of the problem.

SIMIO is the best alternative for your project to take the big leap in quality!

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