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ANYLOGIC: Simulation to drive your innovation and strategic decisions

Enterprise growth projects are a major challenge for planning and management teams, given the multitude of factors that need to be assessed before making every decision, and they can consume a lot of time and money, as well as generate expectations.

About AnyLogic

AnyLogic is the simulation software for industrial and logistics applications, used worldwide by more than 40% of Fortune 100 companies. AnyLogic simulation models allow analysts, engineers, and managers to gain deep insights and optimize complex systems and processes across a wide range of industry sectors.

It was designed and developed by The AnyLogic Company, a multinational software company operating in the USA and Europe with a global network of partners.

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Innovation - Driving Strategic Decisions

AnyLogic has revolutionized the way companies approach creating simulation models for their businesses, allowing for a broader adaptation of these models to increasingly complex commercial environments. This software enables users to model all processes involved in a system, from manufacturing production lines to intricate socio-economic systems, empowering them to simulate a variety of variable behaviors of these systems.

AnyLogic provides the necessary data to support critical managerial decisions, such as adjustments in processes or business policies, adaptations in physical systems, or investments in new resources. This simulation is based on real data, ensuring a grounded approach without compromising real-world operations. After all, the purpose of simulation is to test ideas in a safe environment before implementing them in the real world, avoiding the costs associated with potential errors.

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The remarkable flexibility of AnyLogic allows users to replicate, with the desired level of detail, the complexity and peculiarities of any system. Thus, AnyLogic has been an indispensable resource for numerous organizations and academic institutions worldwide, offering essential support for strategic decision-making and the continuous improvement of business operations and policies.

Successful segments with anylogic

Another feature, inherent to the philosophy in creating the software, is the versatility to use it with great results in projects of the most diverse segments.

See some of the sectors in which Paragon and AnyLogic operate successfully.

As we can see, there is a great diversity of contexts and dynamics, from traditional plants, such as mining companies to where human capital is the main resource, such as call centers and operations based mainly on processes, such as logistics.

This demonstrates the flexibility that AnyLogic provides to work with completely different variables, environments, processes and performance targets, delivering effective results as the most suitable scenario for your company’s operations.


Food and Beverage

Warehousing and Transportation


Call Center



Financial Services




Pulp & Paper





Examples of AnyLogic applications

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Logistics and Supply Chain

Route optimization, inventory management, and material flow analysis.


Simulation of production lines, load balancing, and efficiency analysis.


Hospital capacity planning, process simulation for patient care, and epidemiological studies.

Transportation and Traffic

Modeling public transport systems, road traffic analysis, and transport network optimization.

Unveiling complex systems, solving problems, driving success.

Discrete event simulation is the methodology that allows representing a complex system with a large series of organized and clearly defined events.

The software functions based on fluxograms, and so there is no need to code. Therefore, the project team can map and study the full process more efficiently, especially those that have:

What are the unique features of AnyLogic?

Multimethod Modeling

Only with AnyLogic can you uniquely integrate the three simulation methods (discrete events, agent-based, and dynamic systems) and use a variety of visual modeling languages: process flowcharts, state diagrams, action charts, and stock and flow diagrams.

Animation and Visualization

Integration with Real Data

AnyLogic allows easy integration of real data into models, which is essential for validating and calibrating model accuracy. Users can import historical data, connect to real-time data sources, and incorporate stochastic variables to represent uncertainty in data.

Abundant Libraries

Explore a vast array of options to model a wide range of processes and business sectors. Libraries cover everything from generic process models to specialized solutions, such as fluids for mining, oil and gas industries, road and rail infrastructure, pedestrian movement simulation for large environments, and material management for manufacturing and warehousing operations.

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Intuitive Graphical Interface

AnyLogic’s development environment features an intuitive graphical interface that simplifies the creation, visualization, and modification of models. With drag-and-drop tools and an extensive library of predefined modeling elements, users can efficiently build complex models even without prior programming knowledge.

Use of Java Language

With the ability to use Java within the application, AnyLogic provides flexibility and customization of models, enabling more complex and project-specific modeling. It also allows access to external libraries and Java frameworks, facilitating the incorporation of additional functionalities such as advanced data processing, optimization, visualization, or integration with external systems. Java offers excellent resources for integration with external systems, such as databases, geographic information systems (GIS), APIs, and more. By using Java in AnyLogic, users can connect their models to these systems, enabling real-time data exchange and creating more accurate and realistic models.

GIS Map Integration

One of AnyLogic’s unique features is its ability to incorporate georeferenced maps (GIS) into simulations, providing a realistic representation of the impact of people and goods flow on logistic systems. With its integrated search tool, it is easy to locate cities, streets, roads, establishments, and bus stops directly on the map, without needing to know the geographical coordinates of the places of interest.

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Cloud Simulation

Transform model execution with a unique set of cloud technologies available only in AnyLogic. With this approach, you can run your models in a secure environment from any device, leveraging high-performance servers. Additionally, you can share simulations and provide analyses to clients through web dashboards.

Development of Digital Twins

Leverage AnyLogic’s versatility to simulate environments, regardless of complexity. Integrate simulations with external data sources, export models for remote execution, and create web interfaces using AnyLogic Cloud and its API. Facilitate the development of digital twins with sector-specific libraries. Utilize powerful 3D animation to visualize your digital twin at any level of detail. Test and analyze the behavior of digital twins with AnyLogic’s comprehensive experimental framework, allowing exploration of the system from different perspectives.

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AnyLogic Functionality for Your Project

Compare the Software Versions

Still not sure which AnyLogic version is best for your business?
Compare the features below:

AnyLogic Features

Personal Learning Edition


Multimethod modeling capabilities

GIS map integration

Unlimited model size

Assistance in model building through technical support


Development and use of custom libraries

Process modeling library

Industry-specific libraries



2D, 3D animation, business graphics

Interactive controls

Database Connectivity

Integrated database, work with Excel and text files

Basic external database integration components

Professional external database integration components


Simulation and parameter variation experiments

Professional experiment structure


Professional optimization with OptQuest engine


Model Export

Model export to AnyLogic Cloud

Model export to standalone application

Optimization experiment export to standalone application


Basic model debugging

Professional model debugging

Saving and restoring model snapshot


Teamwork integration and version control system (SVN)

CAD drawing import


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Frequently Asked Questions about AnyLogic

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AnyLogic software is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

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