Paragon Case: Guarulhos Airport Success Story

Guarulhos Airport needed to expand its capacity shortly before the World Cup. This was very challenging for the airport, and we are proud of having supported such a project. Here is another PARAGON success story!

Guarulhos Airport Case: Partnership for the Development of Brazil

GUARULHOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is the most important airport in the country in number of international flights, passenger volume and cargo handling. However, with the growth of the Brazilian economy, it started to operate above its capacity in 2009.

This placed airway operations, both in the yard and in the public service and infrastructure areas, in a critical situation, as the under-dimensioning of GRU in relation to demands sacrificed the quality of all the services provided.

Particularly, two areas were always operating at max capacity:

A new major risk factor was the approaching 2014 World Cup.

It was necessary to invest in the expansion, and the Department of Engineering and Construction of the Brazilian Army received the mission to coordinate the expansion of the aircraft yard, estimated at R$ 400 million, as well as the construction of a new passenger terminal.

PARAGON was invited by the Army to validate the project plan and increase the feasibility of the entire process.

We worked in partnership with GUARULHOS AIRPORT in an effort that required a high level of expertise in technological solutions for crucial decisions in large projects

Let’s talk about another success story!

Guarulhos Airport Case: The Challenges

PARAGON developed, together with the client’s databases, several complex analyses considering countless particularities of the ecosystem, including for example the quality of the soil, the restrictions for transporting different types of materials and the number of forklifts.

The studies generated different possible scenarios to be adopted for the project, and based on the initial planning, the expansion would be completed in 47 months; that is, 10 months after the World Cup.

However, the Army had only 37 months for the work to be completed and delivered. It was necessary to reduce the execution time by 10 months.

After the first estimated execution time and with various combinations of environments and resource allocation, PARAGON carried out a new plan that not only met the defined deadline but also reduced it by about 12 months. 

We can attest to the importance of the data collection and mapping phase, as it allowed many variables to be tested in order to reach the ideal scenario to be implemented.

Guarulhos Airport Case: Solutions

PARAGON used SIMIO, a high-tech software designed for simulating the chain of processes, for modeling the processes followed in the yard and passenger terminal operations to identify areas for improvement.

Guarulhos Airport Case: Results

The result of the GUARULHOS AIRPORT expansion project was positive, going beyond initial expectations:

When we talk about a large-scale project in a complex structure like an international airport, there is no doubt of the major success that has been achieved through data mapping and scenario simulation tools.

They allowed all operational conditions to be considered and, with that, the simulated scenarios were stressed to exhaustion to reach a process chain that allowed the optimization of the airports performance.

Guarulhos Airport Case: Client Testimonial

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