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About Arena Software

Developed by Rockwell Automation and represented exclusively by PARAGON in Latin America, ARENA is the most used discrete simulation software in the world.

It is recognized for bringing important benefits for the development of projects that require the handling of large amounts of data and highly complex simulations:

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Modeling Engineering and Simulation with Arena

The time has come for you to become an expert in modeling the most complex systems with ARENA and fully master the tool.

In this course, you will gain knowledge on using the software for highly complex systems such as Pull Production, Liquid Transport and indexed modeling techniques.

Course Summary

Course program

Day 01

- Pull Production Modeling

Day 02

- Transport of Liquids and Bulk using the Discrete Approach

Day 03

- Indexed Modeling Techniques

Day 04

- Search Min and Max
- 3D Variable

What is Included in the Course


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Learning Trail

Pedagogical Coordination

Marcelo Moretti Fioroni

Development and Research Director
Production consultant in decision making using simulation studies
Professor at undergraduate colleges in the simulation subject
Specialist in discrete event simulation

Course Evaluation


Course Location

Frequently asked questions about ARENA courses

PARAGON will provide the software license for use during the training.

Yes, ARENA offers a trial version so you can get to know some features of the software, download it here.

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