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Business projects are a major challenge for planning and management teams, considering the large amount of data that needs to be evaluated. Using ARENA is the best opportunity to ensure efficient and safe decisions, accurate investments and achieve goals!

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ARENA® is the world’s largest discrete event simulation software. With the software, you can map, with greater agility and data quality, the processes of an operation, virtually study possible scenarios, choose the best paths to productivity before allocating investment and take the company to a higher level of competitiveness and profitability.

ARENA, developed by Rockwell Automation, is the world’s leading discrete event simulation software and currently has over 350,000 active users.

With several features, ARENA allows you to simulate all business scenarios and understand daily operations in detail, enabling you to perform the necessary analysis and make the best decisions for each stage of a project.

A striking feature of this solution is that it waives the use of lines of programming code, as the process modeling is performed through flowcharts.

The software predicts the behavior of a hypothetical operating environment, whether it is new or a change to an existing one. For example, clients can simulate a new production line or the expansion of the current one.

Spend your time solving problems and not programming

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Frequently Asked Questions about ARENA

ARENA software must be compatible with Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

Open Microsoft Excel, click on FILE – ACCOUNT and then on ABOUT EXCEL. On this screen, you will find the information if your Microsoft Office version is 32 bits or 64 bits.

Through the email [email protected]. Try to provide your ARENA version, your license serial number and, if possible, screenshots showing the error, as well as descriptions of the problem.

Until the present version of ARENA software, the software only supports the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Do you want to use a software globally recognized for its excellence in mathematical and process modeling, statistical analysis and scenario simulation?

ARENA® is the best alternative for your project to take the big leap in quality!

Our team is ready to present this tool and show our partnership that builds value!