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Business projects always involve risks and expectations on gains proportional to their complexity. Using AnyLogic is the best opportunity to ensure efficient and safe decisions, accurate investments and achieve goals!

About Anylogic

AnyLogic is the simulation software for industrial and logistics applications, used worldwide by more than 40% of Fortune 100 companies. AnyLogic simulation models allow analysts, engineers, and managers to gain deep insights and optimize complex systems and processes across a wide range of industry sectors.

It was designed and developed by The AnyLogic Company, a multinational software company operating in the USA and Europe with a global network of partners.

Innovation - driving strategic decisions

AnyLogic has revolutionized the way companies approach creating simulation models for their businesses, allowing for a broader adaptation of these models to increasingly complex commercial environments. This software enables users to model all processes involved in a system, from manufacturing production lines to intricate socio-economic systems, empowering them to simulate a variety of variable behaviors of these systems.

AnyLogic provides the necessary data to support critical managerial decisions, such as adjustments in processes or business policies, adaptations in physical systems, or investments in new resources.

Unveiling complex systems, solving problems, driving success.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AnyLogic

Through the email [email protected]. Try to provide your AnyLogic version, your license serial number and, if possible, screenshots showing the error, as well as descriptions of the problem.

AnyLogic software is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Do you want to use a software globally recognized for its excellence in mathematical and process modeling, statistical analysis and scenario simulation?

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