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Paragon Case: Banco Itaú Success Story

Banco Itaú is one of the 3 largest banks in Brazil and pursues excellence in client service. It is in this context that PARAGON took part in another success story!

Banco Itaú Case: Pusuit of an even better service

Despite all the recent technological advancement in the use of websites and applications, banks still face a challenge as old as they are: the queues at the branches.

This is a problem that has worsened in recent decades with the closure of several institutions, and still persists, despite the industry’s investments in website and application technology and in data security.

Some structural and cultural factors contributed to this scenario:

As we can see, Brazil has several realities within it and banks need to address regional characteristics and, concurrently, seek alternatives that reduce their operating costs and improve service.

It is in this context that PARAGON worked in partnership with BANCO ITAÚ. Let’s talk more about another PARAGON ITAÚ CASE success story!

Banco Itaú Case: The Challenges

Queues at banks are still a major hassle for clients, employees and branch managers. They can impair people’s routines and impact many other activities that need to be resolved.

As we saw earlier, there are plenty of reasons for queues to exist and to be an issue that must always be resolved – or at least mitigated.

They represent a great operational difficulty for managers, who need to manage:

Banco Itaú Case: SOLUTIONS

For this project, we used SIMIO, a modeling and simulation software with the use of 3D animation and specially indicated for the analysis and simulation of industrial and logistics operations scenarios.

SIMIO combines procedures and objects that help detecting operational opportunities and risks, bottlenecks and expenses that are incompatible with the results the company is looking for. 

At BANCO ITAÚ, we measured, among other indicators:


All this information was entered into SIMIO to produce the various simulated scenarios.

Banco Itaú Case: Results

With SIMIO and other methodologies, combined with the PARAGON consultant’s experience and analysis expertise, it was possible to deconstruct the entire chain of the service process, both for the counters and for the desks.

This allowed the identification of the best parameters of the call management system in a customized way for each branch. Another important aspect was to assess the forecast impact on queuing indicators. 

The results implemented through pilot projects confirmed the efficiency of a tested algorithm, surpassing the average service time targets defined as ideal in the bank’s relationship policy with clients.

The time overflow was reduced by almost half the value collected in the survey of performance indicators and, in some cases, it even zeroed the long tail

Furthermore, the client can simulate new operations and adjustments before putting them into service, reducing and even eliminating operational and financial risks during and after implementation.

Banco Itaú Case: Client Testimonial

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