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About OPENTRACK software

OPENTRACK is the industry’s largest data analysis and simulation solution, and you can rely on it to design studies for the scaling, expansion and modernization of railway structures.

Using the software, you will create virtual scenarios from the huge mass of existing data that is collected and modeled mathematically. 

With the simulation, you can digitally stress the scenario – passenger volume, peak times, weather conditions – to test and validate the solutions found, bringing several advantages to make strategic decisions – with no financial and resource investment without the solution being digitally validated. 

OPENTRACK offers important differentials:

Paragon is the exclusive representative of OPENTRACK software in Latin America.

PARAGON brings you the opportunity to master OPENTRACK, one of the leading worldwide software when it comes to the application of specialized technology in the planning of railway operations.

Said operations are part of one of the most complex and strategic sectors of activity, playing a fundamental role in every economy in the world.

In addition to numerous features, OPENTRACK offers a unique functionality: the gait simulator. This tool is used successfully in the railway industry operations of 300 companies in 50 countries, with an additional 500 active licenses.

These figures demonstrate the effectiveness of OPENTRACK to map, model data, create virtual environments, simulate scenarios and implement process improvements.

With the software, you will master the study of cycles, elements, risks and opportunities to gain efficiency and safety in railway activities with different purposes.

If you want to boost your career in one of the most complex and competitive industries in the world, this course will bring knowledge regarding the best system tool that will validate your performance.

Course Summary

Course Program

Day 01

- Presentation of general concepts of operational railway simulation
- Presentation of the Opentrack tool and the steps to create a successful project

Day 02

- Learn how to inform the network infrastructure in the simulator, considering stations, signage, line bending radii, tunnels, intersections and everything else that is relevant to the operation

Day 03

- Configure the trains that will use the assembled network, from the locomotive to the load carried, including its distribution along the train
- Build the schedule for the full simulation horizon
- Learn how to run the model and view it with the animated interface

Day 04

- Understand the results generated and learn to assemble charts containing all indicators recorded by the simulation, including the intersection diagrams
- Learn how to import your network infrastructure data directly from a text file, generated from an Excel template

What is Included in the Course


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Learning Trail


Pedagogical Coordination

Marcelo Moretti Fioroni

Development and Research Director
Production consultant in decision making using simulation studies
Professor at undergraduate colleges in the simulation subject
Specialist in discrete event simulation



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Frequently asked questions about OPENTRACK course

PARAGON will provide the software license for use during the training.

No, OPENTRACK does not have a demo version.

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